Russ Raj

When Russ Raj was 14, he and his family moved to the United States in search of a better life.

Although his family came to the United States with very little, Russ remained optimistic and embraced all the opportunities that surrounded him just from being in United States.

Russ pushed himself to excel in school, but with no funds he quickly recognized that he would have to do more than excel in school to get ahead.

After graduating college and finding his “why” for success.

He spent years with little to no sleep creating and growing his company all while working full-time at his job.

Now he has found not only financial stability, but freedom and comfort for his family.

Although his main businesses are in the online retail space he also invests in real-estate and spend his time on worthy charitable causes.

Russ Raj now spends most of his time investing in himself in the hope of creating a better future. Whether it means working on self-improvement, working to be a better father, or working to be a better business man.

He does not take anything he has for granted and invests in himself daily.

It is his hope that through consistent work to improve himself he can slowly but surely improve the world around him.