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Serving the World Through Entrepreneurship 

Russ Raj is a serial entrepreneur, his aim is to serve the world with not only his finances but his actions. Aside from financial freedom his goal is to one day help and inspire the less privilege youth to achieve the high level of success that most deem “impossible”.

Grateful for all the things in his life and recognizing his success would not be possible without the opportunities given to him in the United States…

His goals is to be able to build 10 schools and build homes for those that have not been blessed with the same opportunities he has been given.

Through those schools his primary goal is to be able to teach essential knowledge for success.

One being the huge importance of hard-work and consistent action towards one’s life goals.

The second, teaching children how to think, ways to broaden one’s mind to stop limiting beliefs.

For example, most in poverty have a very limited scope of what success means. To them success could mean just having food for their families for that day. When you widen their scopes of possibilities, and you empower the youth with tools/knowledge you pave the way to help that small community and foster success for generations within that community.

And lastly specialize skills such as language, technology, and financial literacy.

Attainment of wealth, the path of entrepreneurship is not only the path of financial freedom, but the path to affect change. It is the path to improve the lives of not only your family but the communities around you.

My hope is that by building schools and providing the school with technology, giving children easy access to computer and Wi-Fi, I will help broaden their scope of possibility.

And it is my belief that by empowering them with not only the tools, but knowledge I will be helping to surely pave their way towards success and positively impacting their community.

This is the essence of entrepreneurship, and this is a way entrepreneurship serves the world.